Windows 10 Spartan: The End of Internet Explorer?

Windows 10 Spartan: The End of Internet Explorer?

Microsoft recently released a codename to the new web browser it will be releasing with Windows 10. The new browser, Spartan, will have features that current, rival browsers lack. Windows 10 users have the opportunity to annotate notes on a webpage using a stylus. This new service, powered by Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage, includes a feature to save a copy of the noted page to be accessed over multiple platforms (tablets, phones). Once shared, users with access to the annotated page can edit it.

Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant will also be included in Spartan. Cortana will be used to access and track data such as flight times and tracking numbers, for example. Through the address bar, users can search for “American Airlines” and get instant results on tracked flights and view the status of flights directly.

Spartan will include a cleaner, more organized way of grouping tabs. Also, Microsoft will include a Windows Web Store app which will make it easier for updates in the future. Spartan will be available across PCs, tablets, and phones.


Although, Internet Explorer will be included for legacy compatibility reasons with Windows 10, it is unclear at this time if Microsoft will continue the same branding. The desktop version of Spartan appears to be a simplified Google Chrome. It includes similar tab structure above the address bar with back, forward, and refresh buttons. An event is planned for January 21, 2015 to release more information (with more phone and tablet features) but, for now, this is what we’ve learned.

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