Optimizing Efficiency with Custom Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is very important in the world of  business. So what is inventory management you ask? Inventory management is knowing what products a business has in its warehouse and where they are. There’s plenty of off-the-shelf software that can help a business keep track of this, however, most businesses have a more complicated management system for their inventory that handles more than simply keeping track of product location.

Custom Inventory Management Software is designed and developed to be tailored to a business's specific needs. There will be no unnecessary features on your software, making it much easier to use and navigate. Top businesses use custom software to integrate with their back-office systems, optimizing inventory management. All businesses have different inventory and it is beneficial for optimization to make inventory management custom.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Custom inventory management software integrated with a businesses back-office system can ensure that the asset value on financial reports matches what is physically in stock without manual intervention and reconciliation

  • Your business will collect accurate data for inventory on-hand to satisfy consumers and investors

  • This ensures consumers get the freshest product and investors know if there is working capital tied up in inventory

Software Solutions has extensive experience in developing custom inventory management software. A manufacturer of modular hotels, school dorms, and houses came to us with a problem they were having with their current system. The staff here created custom software to track parts used on jobs to create a more efficient, less time consuming system to organize daily tasks. The custom software managed parts coming from vendors with different prices and notified workers when inventory was running low. All the information handled created PO's with the best prices. The software also included a bar-code scanner running on a mobile phone to create a touch-screen interface that conveniently displays relevant info.

Software Solutions tailored a custom inventory management system for a lighting company as well. Working with this company's management team, we designed and implemented a web-based system to manage every aspect of the business from sales to order processing to efficiently optimize their inventory needs.

Let us help you with your custom inventory management software.

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