Long Range Iris Scanning Is Here

Marios Savvides, a Carnegie Mellon engineering professor, says he’s invented technology that can identify someone from across the room with the precision of a fingerprint. The device is called an Iris Scanner. Unlike fingerprinting which requires you to touch something, the Iris Scanner can capture it at a distance which makes the whole user experience less intrusive and much more comfortable.


An example of Iris Scanning is a cop pulls over an individual. The individual glances in their rear-view mirror. When the individual glances in their rear-view mirror, the Iris Scanner will then identify them. In this example the technology could have potentially identified a dangerous suspect before the cop approaches them.


Unlike other scanners, which require an individual to step up to a machine, this scanner can capture someone’s iris and face as they walk by. With this system there are no certain spots you have to stand. It will find you anywhere between 6 and 12 meters and it will zoom in and capture both irises and your full face.


Iris scanning could also replace government IDs at the airport and elsewhere. Like other types of bio-metrics, it could replace a laptop’s login system as well. As a sector, bio-metrics is undoubtedly important. Many security experts believe that passwords and the security regime that accompanies them are fundamentally broken. Savvides, sees bio-metrics as another method of human computer interaction. 


If this invention works as well as Savvides claims it does, the government could scan the face of everyone walking on a city block. It could algorithmic-ally identify a disguised political activist walking down a city street, driving a car, or passing through airport security.

What’s you’re feeling about this new technology?  How do you think we could benefit from it?

Microsoft Edge Scores the Top Benchmark Results for Browsers

After months of teasing and speculation, Windows Insiders and intrigued media finally received an official name for Microsoft's new browser initiative. Initially the browser was known as Project Spartan, however recently it received its official name, Edge.

According to Microsoft, Edge is setting a higher and better benchmark than Internet Explorer 11 and its comparable or better than other modern day browsers. Even in Octane 2.0 benchmarks, Edge outpaced Internet Explorer 11 and scored higher than Chrome Canary and Firefox Alpha. With the Jetstream benchmark, Edge beat out Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, and Firefox. 

Microsoft attributes these leaps in performance to the more than 4,200 interoperability improvements the new browser maintains. According to the development team behind Edge, the Edge browser was designed to help developers focus on content rather than browser compatibility moving forward.

One feature that was mentioned during the Edge presentation was the ability to turn websites into apps that leverage unique Windows 10 features like Xbox live achievements. While this news is rather impressive, it seems to be only part of the story for Edge.

We're sure to see more information on how Edge can be leveraged in the Windows Store, Windows Phone, and Enterprise. We’ll be sure to keep you posted. Stay tuned!

Consider Making Your Site Responsive

Recently big changes to Google’s search algorithms went into effect. On April 21, the company increased the ranking of all sites that are mobile-friendly. This change will have a significant impact on all mobile searches in all languages worldwide.


Along with this change, Google will start to use more information from indexed apps as a factor when ranking search results for users that are signed-in and have the app installed.


Some may be asking what a Responsive Website is. A  Responsive Website causes the screen size on a mobile device or tablet to automatically fit the device.  Optimizing the contents layout through Responsive Web design creates a clearer view for users. If you currently don't have a Responsive Website, consider setting one up.


Here at Software Solutions Consulting Inc., we have a group of experienced Responsive Website Developers that can build you the perfect Responsive site.  Give us a call and let us work our magic.