Business Growth With Responsive Web Design

Viewing web content and apps on multiple devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops is great but, responsive web design is what makes your time spent on these pages more enjoyable.

Responsive web design is what causes screen size to automatically fit the device the content is being displayed on. Optimizing the contents’ layout through responsive web design creates a clearer view users. When viewing a website on a mobile device, the site usually zooms out so that the full page can be viewed. By optimizing and adapting the content for these devices, the developers, designers, or digital publishers may consider the website to zoom in on important information.

Responsive Web Design and Your Business

1. Responsive web design makes for a better user experience which makes your business grow

2. It's Google’s preferred design pattern and helps rank businesses higher in search engines making it more visible

3. Internet access makes up 60% of adult cell phone activity and it's important users view a responsive site

4. 74% of users say they will leave a page if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load 

5. 30% of potential customers leave your site if it is not mobile optimized 

6. For every 100 milliseconds in load time, sales decrease by 1% 

7. Websites optimized for the format they’re viewed on create a faster website load speed and easier navigation 

8. Having a mobile site is an extra avenue to market your business and increase email lists

Someone on a smartphone searching a specific store would find it useful if the site zoomed in on the address/map, phone number, or services, rather than seeing the entire page. Smartphone users are more likely to be on the move and have less time to navigate the page compared to someone at a desktop computer. Content the viewer is looking for could be too small if it isn’t optimized correctly for mobile devices.

Stats on Mobile Users (American Adults)

  • 90% own a cell phone

  • 58% own a smartphone

  • 32% own an ereader

  • 42% own a tablet

Software Solutions Consulting, Inc. has extensive experience with incorporating responsive web design into site development to help client businesses. Island Ski Tours is a site that offers ski trip planning to a variety of mountains for ski and snowboard enthusiasts in which Software Solutions optimized with responsive web Design. We can convert your existing site to include responsive web design to help your business grow! Click here and check out what we did for this project! The images below show responsive web design for the site’s different formats.




Click here to contact us and we can discuss this more. You can check out more of our projects while you’re there.

Windows 10 Spartan: The End of Internet Explorer?

Windows 10 Spartan: The End of Internet Explorer?

Microsoft recently released a codename to the new web browser it will be releasing with Windows 10. The new browser, Spartan, will have features that current, rival browsers lack. Windows 10 users have the opportunity to annotate notes on a webpage using a stylus. This new service, powered by Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage, includes a feature to save a copy of the noted page to be accessed over multiple platforms (tablets, phones). Once shared, users with access to the annotated page can edit it.

Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant will also be included in Spartan. Cortana will be used to access and track data such as flight times and tracking numbers, for example. Through the address bar, users can search for “American Airlines” and get instant results on tracked flights and view the status of flights directly.

Spartan will include a cleaner, more organized way of grouping tabs. Also, Microsoft will include a Windows Web Store app which will make it easier for updates in the future. Spartan will be available across PCs, tablets, and phones.


Although, Internet Explorer will be included for legacy compatibility reasons with Windows 10, it is unclear at this time if Microsoft will continue the same branding. The desktop version of Spartan appears to be a simplified Google Chrome. It includes similar tab structure above the address bar with back, forward, and refresh buttons. An event is planned for January 21, 2015 to release more information (with more phone and tablet features) but, for now, this is what we’ve learned.

The "10X" Software Developer

In the world of software development, there is the question whether or not an elite software developer exists. This is a developer that has the capability to produce "10X" more work than the average. This topic comes with much skepticism because it is hard to compare quantity to quality. One could be producing many projects but with very low quality. By comparing software development to sports and accounting, one can come to their own conclusion whether or not a "10X" software developer exists.

Very few people become professional athletes. There are people who are just naturally more athletic at the sport in which they excel. There is an understanding that a good player won't become an elite player through training.

If someone wants to become an accountant, it is widely known that if you earn a Bachelors degree you can get higher paid positions with a Masters and by passing the CPA exam. There is not much variety in talent in accounting.

Although, not everyone becomes a professional athlete, many people still participate in their favorite sports for fun. People don't practice accounting for fun unless they are being paid for it or are volunteering to do it for a cause. Software developers are more closely compared to athletes when it comes to passion.

Like sports, some are just naturally better at software development than others. A degree from a good college in computer science does differentiate a candidate for employment at certain companies but this doesn't mean that person is a better programmer because they went to school for it. Many still develop software if they aren't being paid for it (ie: open source software). It is hard to compare those who write code for fun with those who do it for money. Training and experience matter but it won't make someone more elite than the next. 

Leave a comment in the section below with what you think of an elite or "10X" software developer.

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